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Chapter 2. The spread represents the smooth happy spot

Mayonnaise/ mustard/ pesto /spread of your choice: this layer represents my love of food & travel.

This layer is so important it’s the smooth yumminess in a sandwich and in this case it represents finding that smooth, happy spot. I specialized in food and tourism which meant I got to do what I really enjoyed in life: meeting people, talking about food, eating it and sharing it with others! This is the kind of travel that works as an immersion into the history and culture of a place through food. Raise your hands who travels for food! You’re not alone! There are so many of us around there who plan our itineraries around what and where we’re going to eat, the markets we’ll visit, the tastings and cooking classes, it’s a whole food oriented community  out there!

Picture this:  you’ve just travelled to a new place, you’ve arranged to meet a new friendly person who will show you around town. You head out on a walk and she starts telling you the story of the town where she lives, about the wars, the recovery, the wounds and, she also starts to point out things that compliment the story- things that you might not’ve seen had she not mentioned them.

 She then takes you to a bar where she talks about the way of life, the culture, why people behave and talk the way they do and, all the way you’re going in and out places that become part of the story whilst you taste amazing things! Some new and delicious bites. Perhaps you try something you’ve never seen before but that’s the beauty of food travel, heck! That’s the beauty of any travel!

So this is why I started doing edible story telling or as we tend to know them: food tours. I know I hate the word food tour too, but who googles ‘amazing edible story done by a local who’ll take me to cool places to eat in without feeling like a tourist?’

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