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Desserts For Breakfast

Desserts For Breakfast

This tour is all about desserts. Discover the city's history through its pastries, chocolate, cheese and wine!

If you travel for food, have a sweet tooth and want a sustainable future, this is for you! A tour through San Sebastian's sweeter side.



Monday - Sunday. Stops may vary depending on the day. *If it's not on the calendar just get in touch

starting times

*Private group timings can change


Approximately 3 hours.


We visit 3 different neighbourhoods in San Sebastian. Less than 10 mins walk between each stop.


- Adults 18 and over €109 - Teenagers 14-17 €99 - Children under 13 €89


We have 7 stops and more than 10 tastings which include coffee, caramels, cake, a traditional Basque dessert, cheese, a modern dessert, a pastry and a glass of wine to pair with your last dessert.


Coffee or tea and 2 glasses of wine. We can ask for glasses of water in some places but you can bring a water bottle too.

dietary requirements

Not suggested for vegans or celiacs unfortunately we can't guarantee cross-contamination may not occur for major food allergies.

groups 1-8

Small groups of maximum 8 people. Private tours are available. During 2021 we're only taking private tours.


With every food tour you purchase, we donate the equivalent of a meal to the Zaporeak Kitchen project who cook for refugees in Greece. You eat one, you feed one.

wheelchair accessible

This tour can be wheelchair accessible, just let us know beforehand. You can also make it private a private tour.

A dessert Lovers' Dream Tour

Explore 3 different neighbourhoods as you eat your way through San Sebastian’s iconic pastry shops. Visit the oldest bakery in town and sip delicious morning coffee. You’ll have seven delicious stops, tasting ten local specialties, 2 with a wine pairing!

This experience is about culture, history and desserts. It’s about you getting to know the stories of the people behind what you taste and, give back to the city! If you like pastries and desserts trust us, THIS will be your happy place.

Learn about local history and culture through the city’s patisseries, cafés, specialty shops and bars. Discover the traditions behind each taste!
Your tastings include freshly-brewed coffee, a traditional Basque cake, a caramel created in the French Basque Country, a local favourite created in the oldest bakery in town, a cider house dessert, a modern dessert, and a classic favourite paired with wine.

This tour is linked to Zaporeak, a local association that provides refugees with wholesome meals in camps currently in Greece.

With every food tour you purchase, we help a person in need by donating a meal to Zaporeak. You eat one, you feed one.

friends eating desserts in San Sebastian on a sunny day in the park

This experience is like an edible story where you’ll learn about history and culture through what you taste- and it's oh so sweet!

what our clients say about us

woman enjoying dessert

“I'm not a vegetarian! I'm a dessertarian!” ― Bill Watterson