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Pintxos* & wine Tour

*Pintxos, pronounced 'pinch-oss', they're like the Basque version of tapas, but better.

If you travel for food and want a sustainable future, this is for you! A culinary immersion in real, ordinary San Sebastian.



Monday - Sunday. Stops may vary depending on the day.

starting times

12:00 Midday & 18:30 in the evening
*Private group timings can change


Approximately 3 hours.


We visit 2 different neighbourhoods in San Sebastian. Less than 10 mins walk between each stop.


Adults: €119 (18 and over)
Teenagers €99 (13-17)
Children €89 (12 and under)


We have 5 stops, each include a selection of pintxos. You will eat between 5-6 tastes. Enough for a full meal.


Every stop includes a glass of wine or local cider to pair your food with. That's 5 drinks. Non alcoholic drinks are available if you prefer.

dietary requirements

Please note when booking. Yes to pescetarians & vegetarians if you let us know in advance. Unfortunately we can't guarantee cross-contamination may not occur for major food allergies. If you prefer a full vegetarian experience book a private tour.

groups 1-8

Small groups of maximum 8 people. Private tours are available and you can decide to combine your pintxos tour with an extended city tour! During 2021 we're only taking private tours.


With every food tour you purchase, we donate the equivalent of a meal to San Sebastian's soup kitchen. You eat one, you feed one.

wheelchair accessible

This tour can be wheelchair accessible, just let us know beforehand. You can also make it private a private tour.

Ideal for food & Wine Lovers

 Experience San Sebastian’s everyday life. Understand its history, culture and why food is so important here. Know your pintxos. No visit to the Basque Country is complete without a pintxos tour, going from bar to bar snacking on delicious culinary creations. Learn the ins and out on how to navigate the local food scene. And make a difference to the city’s future because with every food tour you purchase, we donate a meal to a person in need.

food tour san sebastian

With every food tour you purchase, we help a person in need by donating a meal through the local soup kitchen. You eat one, you feed one.

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