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Online Food & Drink Tastings


Get a bit of the Basque Country delivered to your home and join an online tasting. 
Connect with friends, family or work colleagues and enjoy an immersive online experience and create a positive social impact through what you taste. For every tasting box we donate a meal to a person in need. Ideal for team building, friends, and actually fun family virtual reunions.

How online tastings work

1. Get in touch

Choose: type of tasting, date, time and number of people who will join tasting.

2. Confirmation & Shipping

Date and details confirmed. Payment confirmed. We ship throughout Europe. Contact for other countries.

3. Connect & Taste

You will get a document on how to prepare for tasting and zoom link. We connect, drink and eat delicious chocolate.


Travel to the Basque Country through chocolate & wine!
Enjoy 2 different bottles of local Basque wines paired with award-winning local chocolates incorporating Basque flavours and history.
Learn about bean to bar chocolates, how to read Spanish wine labels, how to taste each product and the astonishing similarities between them!

For each box of wine and chocolate you enjoy, one meal will also be donated to the Zaporeak kitchen project, serving refugees in Greek refugee camps. Enjoy this tasting at home, available for private groups.

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Travel virtually to the Basque Country through the most ancient drink they have, pair it with chocolate made by local chocolate makers, and get the stories behind what you taste. Cider is the most ancient drink in the Basque Country, they’ve been drinking it from the XV Century, and there’s good reasons for it! Learn the rituals behind tasting cider, what ‘txotx!’ means and why it’s so embedded in the culture. You’ll also get to pair your ciders with delicious chocolates made by award winning Basque chocolate maker and discover what bean-to-bar chocolates are.

For every box of cider and chocolate shipped,  we donate a meal to the Zaporeak kitchen project, serving refugees in Greek refugee camps.
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You know the craft beer boom has gone around the world and, although it took a little longer for it to get to the Basque Country, we have it going on too! Learn the anecdotes behind this movement, the stories of  passionate, local brewers and experience what makes their beer special. 
Learn how to taste beer like a pro and pair it with delicious award winning chocolates made in the Basque Country. Become part of the chocolate revolution and learn how to properly taste it. Join the not-so-secret love affair between beer and chocolate!
For every box of beer and chocolate shipped,  we donate a meal to the Zaporeak kitchen project, serving refugees in Greek refugee camps.
Contact to book your tasting.