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How to get to San Sebastian

how to get to san sebastian
Train to San Sebastian

How to get to San Sebastian

The easiest ways to get here


Closest Airports
  • Bilbao Airport, Loiu
  • San Sebastian Airport EAS
  • Biarritz, France Airport, BIQ


National train
  • RENFE national rail
  • From Madrid
  • From Barcelona
  • From Zaragoza


Local Bus lines
  • ALSA bus company
  • PESA bus company

Easiest way to get to
San Sebastian

Fly to Bilbao

Bilbao has more flights out of the 3 airports.

National airlines IBERIA, Vueling

Take Bus From Airport

Get your bus ticket at Bilbao airport. There's a machine or a booth approx €20.

Buses leave every hour at 'quarter to'.
Check times at

Arrive to San Seb

Bus will drop you off at the station in the city centre. Depending on where you're staying you can walk or take a taxi, right outside the train station. Train and bus stations are next to eachother.


It might seem like getting to San Sebastian is not easy, but it's well worth it, you'll see!

Useful Links

Bilbao Airport: Loiu
Direct buses to San Sebastian are with PESA. Check timetables here.

Buy your bus ticket before boarding, you can’t buy it on the bus. You’ll probably have to wear a facemask.

San Sebastian Airport is actually in Hondarribia.
– You can take a taxi approx €40-50. Sometimes people share.
– Bus line from San Seb Airport is E21 (30 mins) and E20 (45 mins). Check times on LurraldeBus. You can pay in small notes, cash or tap debit card

Biarritz has less bus connections than Bilbao, so you should definitely check the times and info here. 

Buses sometimes have better connections than trains here. ALSA has really good connections and their premium buses are very comfy. Visit their website here.

Buy train tickets on RENFE. There are no direct, fast trains to San Sebastian. There’s quite a few stops to get here and no wi-fi but you get views. 

If you’re feeling more adventurous bla bla car is an online car pool service. It’s like a an airbnb for cars. Rides are usually posted a few days before, and you can have alerts sent to you. Visit website here

San Sebastian is always a good idea