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Eco Farm Tour & Tasting

Eco Farm Tour & Tasting

For those interested curious about ecological food growing practices and social integration.

If you travel for food and want a sustainable future, this is for you! A nature adventure and culinary immersion in a Basque ecological orchard.



From Monday to Saturday on request. *For now tours will be available as of September 2021.

starting times

09:00 AM
*Private group timings can change


Approximately 4 hours including transport and breakfast.


Train tickets to and from the orchard are included.


We visit to two different neighbourhoods in San Sebastian. Less than 10 mins walk between each stop.


A smoothie breakfast and croissant. In the orchard a seasonal vegetable tasting. It could be a salad, vegetable soup, different kinds of sprouts and raw vegetables, bread and olive oil. The tasting is not a full meal, so for larger appetites we suggest having something before. We will be back in the city by 1:00 pm in time for lunch. We'll be happy to recommend many delicious places to eat in.


Water, apple juice and cider will be provided.

dietary requirements

The tasting is completely vegan. Unfortunately we can't guarantee cross-contamination may not occur for major food allergies.

bilingual guide

Water, apple juice and cider will be provided.

groups 1-8

Small groups of maximum 8 people. Private tours are available. During 2021 we're only taking private tours.


With every food tour you purchase, part of the proceeds go to supporting the orchards project of social inclusion for people with intellectual disabillites and the study of organic species and preservation.


- Adults 18 and over €105 - Teenagers 14-17 €100 - Children under 13 €95

Ideal for culinary explorers

Start your day with a fresh pressed juice made from fruits and veggies grown in the farm we’ll visit, in a cool café in San Sebastian. Then hop on the train to visit the only ecological & experimental farm in the Basque Country. We think farming isn’t just about fresh produce, it’s about sustainable food, community and culture. During this experience, you’ll learn about the history and culture of agriculture in the Basque Country and understand what ecological harvesting involves.

Venture out of town to the only ecological and experimental farm in the Basque Country and taste what they're producing!

You’ll start early but you’ll be compensated with a freshly pressed juice and croissant in a quirky café in the city and get ready to hop on the local train to a small town just 10 minutes away. In the farm you’ll have a hands on learning experience where you’ll learn about their amazing projects which include: academic research, a seed bank, veggie boxes and an inclusive initiative designed to achieve social integration and awareness for people with intellectual disabilities.

You’ll taste the season’s harvest surrounded by flowers, as you celebrate life with a local drink and support a social inclusion project!

Farming, vegetables and social inclusion

Learn about the history and culture of agriculture in the Basque Country and understand what ecological harvesting involves.

This tour provides an inside look and taste into the care, craft and history of farming, agriculture in Basque culture. You’ll also support an inclusive initiative that works towards social integration and employment for people with intellectual disabilities.

Eco farm tour and tasting

A tour fit for organic food lovers: An immersion in real, ordinary, orchard life in the Basque Country and a great way to support social inclusion!

what our clients say about us

“People are generally proud of their food. A willingness to eat and drink with people without fear and prejudice…they open up to you in ways that somebody visiting who is driven by a story may not get.”