Coffee, Pastries & Desserts Route

Coffee, Pastries & Desserts Route


Duration: 3 hours

Price: Adults 99€ and children up to 12 €89

Starting time: 09:30am

Availability: From Monday to Sunday on request

Private tour: Please specify if you prefer a private tour which has an extra fee of €65

All food is included, there are six stops and more than ten tastings including coffee, caramels, cake, a traditional Basque dessert, chocolate and churros, a fancy dessert, a pastry and a glass of wine with your final dessert.


  • A meal donated through Zaporeak who cook for refugees, right now in Greece
  • A tour fit for food sweet, pastry and dessert lovers in San Sebastian a food capital!
  • A sweet foodie immersion in real, ordinary San Sebastian
  • Tips on how to navigate the local pastry shops and sweet scene and recommendations for the rest of your stay
  • Seven stops with a carefully selected pastries, iconic desserts classic and modern, local sweet inventions and more than ten tastings. This experience is like an edible story where you’ll learn about history and culture through the food you taste
  • Coffee, water and glass of wine
  • We go rain or shine- it rains a lot here if we didn’t go we’d never go out!
  • Family friendly, wheelchair friendly and dog friendly
  • Less than 10 minutes-walk between each neighbourhood and less than five minutes within each stop
  • Sweet culinary delights, cultural experience and historical knowledge
  • Small group or private tour


  • Professional bilingual guide
  • Six stops that include coffee, water, a glass of wine and more than ten tastings such as pastries, desserts, caramels and a cheese tasting (yes cheese is a dessert too!)

Doesn't include

  • Extra food and drink that isn't included.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you accommodate special dietary restrictions?

Yes, if you let us know in with a few days in advance, simply note this when you purchase your tour. Please note, we cannot guarantee that cross-contamination may not occur due to the nature of our tasting locations. Unfortunately, we are unable to guarantee substitutions for other dietary restrictions such as: Celiac, Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, and other food allergies. You’re welcome to join us, but you may miss out on a number of tastings.

What is the group size for this tour?

This experience has a maximum of 8 guests but for private tours we can accommodate as may as needed.

How much do we eat?

For the 'Coffee, pastries & Desserts Route' there's quite a lot of tastings, don't worry you don't have to finish it all. You can take the yummy leftovers.

How much walking is there?

Less than 10 minutes walk between each stop. We do recommend you wear comfortable shoes and know that we will not be sitting everywhere we go. Also this is a city where it rains quite a bit so come prepared if you see the clouds lurking.

Are alcohol pairings mandatory?

Not at all, you can choose to have non-alcoholic beverage in our last stop.

What impact does purchasing this tour have?

The 'Coffee, pastries & Desserts Route' is linked to a local association called Zaporeak. Zaporeak means 'flavours' in Basque combine food and solidarity. Using the culinary strength from the Basque Country, they aim to help people in need and who have food scarcity problems. Since 2016 they have been helping refugees fleeing the war and many who are stranded in Greece, they travel and cook there to distribute decent meals among refugees. The first year they worked on Chios island and since October 2017 they’ve been based in the Victoria Social Center in Athens. They have already cooked 1.000.000 meals and everyday they prepare 1300 meals in their kitchen. They're also in charge of delivering these meals to families in Lesvos in the Moria refugee camp. They collaborate with Team Humanity a Danish non profit humanitarian organization. They will continue working while the refugees need help and we want to support their amazing work. For every person that purchases this tour we donate the equivalent of a meal to Zaporeak.

Do I need to take cash for anything extra?

Transport to the site, personal items, additional food and drinks like cocktails, sodas, beer and coffee.

‘Zurriola av. 2’ it’s on the corner between ‘Ni Neu’ restaurant and the ‘Kursaal’ building (the conference centre that looks like a big block).  The easiest thing to do is to google ‘Ni Neu restaurant’.

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