You cannot have a proper sandwich without this layer, which means, you cannot create a movement without action!

The top and final layer is toast bread. A warm and delicious slice of bread, ideally crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside.

The time has come to take all these shaking thoughts into action! Bite into this bread! My aim is to combine the travel trends, the UN’s initiative, and a positive social impact way of travel and start a movement! It’s time to create a positive impact where we live. Above all the time has come to help create a kinder way of traveling.

I have created and launched three culinary experiences in San Sebastian that aim to create a positive social impact on the city, through showing visitors what makes San Sebastian so unique. As a result, these are all immersive experiences. Designed to help you understand local Basque culture through what you eat and through the stories I share.

Every experience in turn is linked to an association which helps feed people in need. These experiences are a way of showing you how your choices can help make a difference. This idea can be translated into everything you do. It can be taken into every choice you make. You can help make a difference in the world through your actions, no matter how small. Isn’t this exciting? Poco a poco, as we say in Spanish. Little by little your choices reflect who you are and what’s important to you.

Eat One Feed One is a way to move towards tolerance. A sustainable way of experiencing San Sebastian and spreading the Basque Food Love!

It might even inspire you for your next travels!

Take the bite!

Finally if you’d like to know more about this initiative, book an experience. If you want to get involved in creating a positive social impact, let me know. If you want to enjoy some good food and visit beautiful San Sebastian lets connect!
Drop me a line, let’s start a conversation.
Feel free to connect with me through here, Twitter or instagram @eatonefeedone


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