Chapter 2 the spread mayonnaise, mustard or anything spreadable really Ive even used pesto ah yes I love pesto

Chapter 2: the spread mayonnaise, mustard or anything spreadable really, I’ve even used pesto (ah yes I love pesto!)

This layer is so important it’s the smooth yumminess in a sandwich and in this case it represents finding that smooth, happy spot. I specialized in food and tourism which meant I got to do what I really enjoyed in life: meeting people, talking about food, eating it and sharing it with others! This is the kind of travel that works as an immersion into the history and culture of a place through food. Raise your hands who travels for food! You’re not alone!

What is sustainable travel?

Chapter 4: the tomatoes

Tomatoes sliced not too thin not too thick, just right. This layer is here to say what really is sustainable travel?
Tomatoes can be controversial but if you get them ripe enough, not grainy, not hard but sweet and with the right texture and a little bit of salt and pepper ay ay ay!
In this trend of being healthy and going eco we throw words like sustainability in together with everything and I have felt the need to clarify it in the travel industry

Chapter 5: The meaty bit.

The meaty bit: this is the bit we all want and it’s here to represent positive impact travel.
The meat: Pick your ham wisely or change it for turkey or roast beef or mushrooms if you want to keep it veggie but make sure it’s gooood.
¨Positive impact can happen in various forms. We’re all different humans who lead different lives. I cannot guarantee that your experiences will be the same if we do the exact same volunteering gig or stay with the exact same family but one thing I can guarantee is the possibility of learning a lot about a culture that is far away from yours. When you go home, you’ll come back a different person – a person whom you never thought you’d be.” Trisha Velarmino of P.S I’m On My Way.

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